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Choreographing Orbit: Movement, surveillance, tracking & response in space

Tuesday 21 June, 2022

This Convergence Series session will build on discussions during the Defence Against The Dark Arts in Space event in 2021, with a focus on surveillance, tracking and response of space objects including assets and space debris – and the implications for both civil and defence sectors. Norms, law, policy, deterrence, and technology development are just some of the many emergent issues that require consideration for the space domain. This event will be presented in partnership with the South Australian Space Industry Centre. Convergence Series events are held in an casual atmosphere and designed to spark transdisciplinary conversations and collaborations. Refreshments [...]

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‘Off the Grid’: Design and operation of sustainable self-contained bases for military and civil applications

7 December 2021

“Keeping soldiers deployed closer to their operating area in FOBs [Forward Operating Bases] while reducing frequency and exposure of vehicles to the dangers of asymmetric warfare is not only a life-saver, but also a cash saver… However, simply erecting some buildings and moving personnel inside is insufficient. An FOB has significant logistical and operational requirements which must be fulfilled in order to establish and maintain operational fidelity and personnel security.” (‘Safe and well stocked: new technology for today’s forward operating bases’, Army Technology, 7 October 2015) Nanogrids, waste management, water and food production, and complex human factors considerations are relevant [...]

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Science fiction/futures: how science fiction can influence strategic thinking and technological development

20 September 2021

“Reading science fiction nurtures hope that there is a better future. While conflict, catastrophe, and climate change feature in many of these novels and movies, much science fiction is highly optimistic in nature… However, reading science fiction also allows us to consider a variety of negative potential futures… It is beneficial for military officers to read such descriptions of alternate futures; it is the first step in ensuring that they do not come to pass.” (‘Science Fiction and the Strategist 2.0’, Strategy Bridge, August 27, 2018). Defence personnel and researchers from a wide range of disciplines including strategists, scientists, engineers, [...]

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National Security and the Impacts of Climate Change

13 July 2021

“…Australia will struggle to maintain its national security in the face of climate change unless government departments and agencies are well coordinated and can work collaboratively with neighbouring countries in the Indo-Pacific region. Effective coordination and collaboration will be needed to respond to the kind of threats climate change poses to Australia’s sovereign borders and territories, and to our existing national security provisions.” (‘Defence-funded study outlines climate risk to national security’, ADM, 23 April 2020) Climate change has been linked to extreme weather events, movement of climate refugees, increases in transmission of infectious diseases, and food and water insecurity. These destabilising events [...]

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Defence Against the Dark Arts In Space

May 2021

Australia’s interests in space requires a whole-of-government approach, and this encompasses both the growth of the civil space industrial base and national security concerns pertaining to space. As space activities are bounded by a relatively fragile international legal framework, the advent of new-entrants and disruptive technologies in a shared global ‘commons’ requires civil and defence matters be addressed together. Norms, law, policy, deterrence, hardware, and technology are just some of the many emergent issues that require consideration for the space domain. On 30 March 2021, the Defence Innovation Partnership and South Australian Space Industry Centre hosted a workshop to examine [...]

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A Psychologically Prepared Future Defence Force

Tuesday 30 July 2019

How can we prepare and support the Australian Defence Force psychologically for the unique, emerging implications of 21st Century warfare? This special Convergence Series event will bring together current and former members of the Australian Defence Force, researchers and practitioners from a range of disciplines, to explore what a psychologically prepared 21st Century Defence Force looks like, and what is required to reach that state.

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Building Resilient Systems


What does resilience look like, and how can we build systems that are able to avoid, withstand, recover from, adapt to, and evolve through adversity? This Convergence Series session will kickstart conversations about resilience as an enabler for prosperity and productivity. A panel and an audience of experts from diverse fields will discuss the latest developments and thinking on how to enable, encourage, and design resilient individual, organisational, national, and global systems – in particular, where they have defence and national security implications. As with all our Convergence Series sessions, our goal is to broaden and build the research community [...]

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Human Centred Intelligent Systems


Drinks vouchers distributed on arrival, food provided during the session. Attendance is by invite and spaces are limited. Registrations close midday of the event. The Human Centred Intelligent Systems session is aimed at exploring the issues and challenges around the applications, development and operations of systems that combine humans and technology. MC / Chair: Dr Robin Nicholson, Associate Director, Research - Defence Innovation Partnership Robin was appointed as Head, Protective Operations Studies, a research group focussing on Biometrics and Exercise Analysis for National Security in 2007 and onto Group Leader, Biometrics in 2014. In 2016 the Biometrics group was recognised as [...]

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