Science fiction/futures: how science fiction can influence and inspire military thought and technological development


September 2021

“Reading science fiction nurtures hope that there is a better future. While conflict, catastrophe, and climate change feature in many of these novels and movies, much science fiction is highly optimistic in nature… However, reading science fiction also allows us to consider a variety of negative potential futures… It is beneficial for military officers to read such descriptions of alternate futures; it is the first step in ensuring that they do not come to pass.” (‘Science Fiction and the Strategist 2.0’, Strategy Bridge, August 27, 2018)

Defence personnel and researchers from a wide range of disciplines including strategists, scientists, engineers, educators, futurists, creative writers, and filmmakers are encouraged to attend this event.

The aim of this event is to enable creative collisions of researchers and practitioners from different disciplines, with the hope of fostering a community of interest that can continue building on the ideas discussed on the night.