Choreographing Orbit: Movement, surveillance, tracking & response in space


June 2022


Associate Professor Alice Gorman, Space Archaeologist, Flinders University
Kat Robison Hasani, PhD, College of Business, Government & Law, Flinders University
Dr Robin Nicholson, Group Leader Space Control, Defence Science & Technology Group

Facilitated by:

Dr Catherine Grace, Associate Director, South Australian Space Industry Centre

This Convergence Series session built on discussions from the Defence Against The Dark Arts in Space event in 2021, with a focus on surveillance, tracking and response of space objects including assets and space debris – and the implications for both civil and defence sectors. Norms, law, policy, deterrence, and technology development are just some of the many emergent issues that require consideration for the space domain. This event was presented in partnership with the South Australian Space Industry Centre.

Convergence Series events are held in an casual atmosphere and designed to spark transdisciplinary conversations and collaborations. Refreshments are available at each session, and participants are strongly encouraged to continue their conversations over dinner and drinks when the formal part of the event is over.