Convergence is a blueprint for innovation

Convergence is a blueprint for innovation

The Defence Innovation Partnership’s Convergence Series aims to stimulate convergent thought and conversations to tackle complex defence and national security challenges.

Each session in the Series will be themed around a complex problem/grand challenge with defence and national security implications. A panel of experts from diverse disciplines will speak to the theme of the session from the viewpoint of their disciplines, and will provoke questions and discussions amongst an equally diverse group of experts in the audience. The sessions will be chaired by a problem “owner” or “champion” who will keep the conversation flowing by outlining ideas and scenarios, posing problems and facilitating the formal parts of the evening. Refreshments will be available at each session, and participants are encouraged to continue their conversations over dinner and drinks after the session is over.

The Convergence Series will start conversations that we hope will develop into convergent collaborations in the future.

Resources: Convergence Revolution

07052019  to  07052019

The aim of the evening is to enable creative collisions of researchers and practitioners from different disciplines, with the hope of fostering a community of interest that can take some of the ideas discussed on the night further, remembering that the DIP team are eager to hear of collaborative ideas and projects that we can help to develop.

25062019  to  25062019

07042020  to  07042020

The Climate Resilience session is aimed at exploring the relationship between climate adaptation and security.