Quantum-Enhanced Clock Synchronisation over a Free-Space Channel

Project Summary

The ability to accurately synchronise remote clocks through time transfer is critical for assured position, navigation and timing in contested environments. Bringing together expertise from across South Australia in experimental quantum optics (DSTG), quantum information theory (UofA), novel quantum sources (UniSA) and classical time transfer techniques (CryoClock), this project will transfer timing information through a free-space optical link at the pico-second level, around 1000 times better than what is available currently through the global positioning system.

To achieve this, the team will augment a classical time transfer approach with a quantum entangled photon source to assist in overcoming limitations associated with solely classical techniques. In addition, we will investigate the use of a novel three-photon entanglement source for clock synchronisation.

This proof-of-principle capability demonstration will lead to a critical home-grown advantage in future clock synchronisation implementations, an area of great strategic interest to Defence.

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