Defence Against the Dark Arts In Space


May 2021


Prof Melissa de Zwart, The University of Adelaide
A/Prof Rodrigo Praino , Flinders University
Rachel Neef, The University of Adelaide
Vinicius Guedes Goncalves de Oliveira , Flinders University

Australia’s interests in space requires a whole-of-government approach, and this encompasses both the growth of the civil space industrial base and national security concerns pertaining to space. As space activities are bounded by a relatively fragile international legal framework, the advent of new-entrants and disruptive technologies in a shared global ‘commons’ requires civil and defence matters be addressed together. Norms, law, policy, deterrence, hardware, and technology are just some of the many emergent issues that require consideration for the space domain.

On 30 March 2021, the Defence Innovation Partnership and South Australian Space Industry Centre hosted a workshop to examine Australian perspectives on space security scenarios posed in the Centre for Strategic and International Studies’ Defence Against the Dark Arts in Space report. This Convergence Series session presented some of the findings and questions raised through the workshop for further discussion and development.